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Getting a little silly with GOTV

I recently saw a page of GOTV social media graphics that made me actually WANT to visit Facebook.

Most of my good friends know I’m in a love/hate relationship with social media. I’ve been taking long breaks in 2022, and sparing you the litany of the whys and hows, I will tell you that I am definitely saner with this strategy.

There are times, however, that I DO miss knowing what my friends are up to. Or, like right now, where I have something I really want to share. So I’ll suck it up and dive in to the rabbit hole (give me strength for Twitter).

I am headed back to the digital trenches because our ArtsVote team came up with a slew of GOTV graphics that made me chuckle. There are famous cameos, some snark and a lot of sass in these little gems—they are the inspiration that I need right now.

There are eight days to remind folks to vote on whatever platform floats their boat—eight days to remind people that artists and people who love the arts vote. And, now we can have a little fun while we do it. Who doesn’t love wrapping an important message up with a little humor? I’m here for it. Even on Twitter (maybe).

Browse, download and share from our ArtsVote GOTV graphic gallery.

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