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ArtsVote Ohio Launched

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Greater Columbus Arts Council (GCAC) has teamed up with Ohio Citizens for the Arts for ArtsVote Ohio, a nonpartisan effort encouraging members of the arts and cultural sector to participate in the voting process; it is part of the Americans for the Arts Action Fund ArtsVote “Make Your Vote Count” pledge campaign.

Creative industry workers can find instructions on registering and voting, voter resources, and information on how to participate in the democratic process at

“We’ve seen the power of the creative industry’s collective efforts,” said Tom Katzenmeyer, president and CEO of GCAC. “Prior to and during the pandemic, our combined voices made sure that critical funds came to the arts on the local, state and national level. Our support of and advocacy for issues such as the Columbus Cultural Fee and American Rescue plan funds made the difference in many artists lives and in stability of our arts organizations. Because the Greater Columbus Arts Council believes so strongly in the power of collective action and activating and engaging the creative sector in exercising their voice, we are happy to participate in ArtsVote Ohio in partnership with Americans for the Arts Action Fund and Ohio Citizens for the Arts.” View the full press release.

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